Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Over 8 percent of South Dakota residents own motorcycles. This figure surpasses the ownership levels in all other states. When you think about the region’s exciting rallies and top-notch scenic rides, it’s not surprising. Nevertheless, some trips end in disaster. Numerous riders eventually find themselves in need of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Significant Danger

The Rapid City Journal reports that more deadly motorcycle crashes took place in South Dakota during 2015 than in any previous year. These accidents killed over 30 bikers. Many other collisions result in serious head injuries with long-lasting effects. Motorcyclists often suffer broken arms and legs as well. This causes riders to miss work and experience considerable pain.

Expensive Aftermath

After accidents, bikers usually face an assortment of extra bills. They owe substantial sums to hospitals, general practitioners, pharmacies and physical therapists. The cost of repairing or replacing a bike may add to the total expense. It’s crucial for motorcyclists to gain compensation when people trigger accidents by behaving carelessly.

Greater Risks

In comparison to car drivers, bikers have less protection from vehicles and hard surfaces. A crash can easily throw a rider to the ground. Bikes also remain harder to see than cars and trucks. Nonetheless, this doesn’t excuse drivers who act negligently. A motorcyclist possesses the same right to use the road as everyone else. Injured riders can benefit from hiring accomplished traffic accident lawyers with specialized expertise.

Valuable Advantages

Don’t go it alone when you suffer injuries in a crash. Knowledgeable attorneys can definitively tell you what laws were violated and who disobeyed them. A motorcycle accident lawyer will accurately determine if you’re eligible for compensation. You won’t need to pay fees or spend time in court unless you truly have a legitimate case. Lawyers also know how to solicit insightful testimony from police officers, medical professionals and bystanders.

Why Choose Our Law Firm

Wilka & Welter, LLP serves South Dakota motorcyclists who suffer as a result of negligence. Our attorneys possess long-term experience in personal injury law. John Wilka has been involved in previous motorcycle accident cases. We have the skills needed to maximize compensation from negligent parties and their insurance companies. You can rely on us to treat every lawsuit as an important priority.

If you or a family member suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle crash, contact our Sioux Falls law firm today. We’ll consult with you about the accident and professionally evaluate your case. Our talented attorneys take the time to discuss every potential lawsuit in detail. Please dial 605-338-9711 to reach Wilka & Welter, LLP.