Divorce Law

Divorce Attorneys on Your Side

Divorce can be a stressful and expensive experience for any family. Whether you simply need to ask questions about the divorce process, or you are already separated from your spouse; you will need an experienced divorce attorney to help navigate the complexities. Even amicable divorces require a significant amount of legal know-how to assure both parties get a fair deal. When there are assets and children to consider, finalizing a divorce can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, so it can be hard to make the best decisions. Having a competent attorney who is well versed in divorce law can make the whole process move more smoothly.

Pre-divorce Consultation

Are you ready for divorce? Sometimes you just need to know your options. We can schedule a consult with one of our attorneys so that you can know all of your rights and what to expect from moving forward with a divorce. We will clarify the steps you need to take, and help mitigate the risks inherent with any major legal life-change. Before you file, speak with an attorney who can help lead you down the best path.

 Child Support & Alimony

When it comes to payment schedules and settling any disputes about alimony, or child custody and child support, emotions can run high for the affected parties. Child support and alimony payments need to be sufficient to benefit the recipients, but fair and balanced with income. The inherent challenge of agreeing upon amounts for these payments becomes significantly simpler when you hire a family law specialist. With Wilka & Welter, you know that you have knowledge and an impartial advocate on your side; somebody who will advocate for the best possible outcome for your case.

Divorce Attorneys in Sioux Falls, SD

Whether just need some legal advice, or you are already in full separation; you will greatly benefit from a consult with a practicing divorce attorney. When you come to Wilka & Welter, we will review your case, outline all your options to help you make the best informed decision, and we will be by your side until the entire process is complete. Our knowledge and expertise will help ensure the best possible outcome during your divorce proceedings.

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