Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the cornerstone of the legal process for all non-criminal legal disputes. Whether you are facing a tenant/landlord dispute, a personal injury claim, medical malpractice, a liability lawsuit, or any of the many types of non-criminal legal disputes Americans face every day; you will need a lawyer who understands the processes and can help you achieve the best possible outcome. At Wilka & Welter we have a team of highly experienced litigators who will help guide you through everything from pre-trial hearings to depositions, and we can be an arbitrator or mediator between agents of the court and you, our client.


If you are involved in a civil lawsuit, our attorneys will be your advocate; fighting on your behalf to achieve the best possible legal outcome. Our knowledge of procedural and substantive law are second to none, and we can help navigate the complex legal and fact-based materials pertinent to your suit. We will protect you with the best information and advice possible. Whether you are the injured party, or whether you’re being sued, there is no better defense than a good litigator on your side from Wilka & Welter.


Don’t go to court alone. When you are facing litigation in Sioux Falls, contact an attorney at Wilka & Welter. We will review your case, and offer our most solid legal counsel. When it comes to your day in court, no matter the issue, you deserve the best legal defense, and we will be by your side through every step of the process. Contact us to schedule a consultation.