4 Things to Do If You’re Being Treated Unfairly at Work

Work can be an excellent place to make new friends and socialize, but this depends on who one’s coworkers are. Where some coworkers click, others might bump heads, resulting in an on-going feud between two people who have to see each other on a regular basis. Things aren’t always as black and white, however, because sometimes there are conflicts created by bullying and passive-aggressive behavior. In the end, one can’t choose who they work with, but they can choose what they do about it. The following are the top 4 things to do if you’re being treated unfairly at work.


Make Yourself Less Available


There are some coworkers who might frequently find themselves being used as the target of every joke, which can be funny—at first. Recurringly being picked on by coworkers who make it seem harmless can affect a person’s self-esteem. Feeling targetted at work may change the way a worker feels towards their job, which can cause many problems to flourish. If one’s work friends are starting to bully and ridicule them, trying to make oneself less available to them can send a message. Instead of eating lunch or socializing with these people, stay far away from them. If they need a shift covered or anything whatsoever, making oneself less available to their needs can get them to back off.


File a Complaint


Depending on the severity of a situation, talking to one’s higher up about the work abuse will be needed. Should one be being bullied by their higher-up, speaking to the HR group and filing an official complaint can be a wake up call for staff members. While doing this right off the bat for a simple joke can be seen as unfair, filing one due to recurring ridicule is not. When a complaint is filed, HR can see that those implicated in the harassment receive proper sensitivity training.


Ask to Be Transferred


Having a work conflict can make it impossible to wake up in the morning and think about going into work. However, the bills still need to get paid. Going on a burnout or taking time off can seem too hasty, especially when it isn’t absolutely needed. Talking to one’s boss and asking to be transferred should the issue not be getting resolved may be in order.


Seek Legal Representation


Should the stress and pressure one faces at work due to being bullied or mistreated by coworkers cause them to want to go on sick leave, asking for a paid leave may be in order. If one’s boss has neglected to peer mediate the situation and refused time off, calling a workers compensation attorney in Sioux Falls may become necessary.


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